Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Out of Trade

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this. My work has been out of control and I've had little time to do any trading documentation. I am now out of the trade in cash licking my wounds. I am very happy that this actually happened. You have now seen the worst case scenario of a failed trade of the divergence of 3's. I will be honest, this trade system for me has worked much better using the (5/10/15 minute) charts rather than (30/60/daily) charts. Waiting 3 days to exit rather than 3 weeks on a loosing trade is way less painful. My next blog post will be a trade off the 5/10/15 minute charts and I will use the "Low Risk" example. Win or lose, it will be educational for myself and hopefully for you.

I'm sorry for those following along that were looking for a winning trade but that is not how trading goes. It is much more important to know how to leave a losing trade than a winning one from my experience. The real emotional stress is that looking at the charts now, you see negative divergence all over the place and signs everywhere that "if I just held a little bit longer". An example of that is that the positive slope of the MACD trendline held but it could break anytime giving us a larger down turn that what just happened.

Here is the exit of the trade and I look forward to posting my next Start-to-Finish trade!


  1. You the man, Russ. With you all the way.

  2. Look at , he has a very good trading strategy. What do you guys think?